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    Southwest Freeway - Fort Worth, Texas, 367 Acres

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    Property at a Glance

Property Address: Granbury Road, Fort Worth, Texas

Location/Description: The subject property is located just South of Hulen Mall and Mira Vista Country Club, East of Old Granbury Road, and North of Stuart-Feltz Road in the extreme Southwestern portion of Fort Worth, Tarrant County, Texas. The property is located at the proposed intersection of the Southwest Freeway and Risinger Road.

Legal Description: The legal description of the property is a tract or parcel of land situated primarily within the J.J. Albirado Survey, Abstract No. A-4, Tarrant County, Texas being more particularly described by specific meets and bounds.

Frontage: The southern portion of the property has 1,319 feet of frontage on Old Granbury Road (two lane asphalt). The west side of the property has 5,810 feet of frontage adjacent to the railroad tracks and old Granbury Road.

Site Data: Size: Approximately 367.4 acres

Shape: Irregular shaped parcel

Topography: Sloping with natural vegetation

Zoning: Mixed-Use, (click here for Zoning Map)

Utilities: 21" sewer - approximately 300 feet North of the Northeast corner of the subject. 16" water in Summer Creek Road approximately 1,500 feet Northeast of the subject. A two million gallon water tower was recently constructed south and east of the property.

Tax Information: The property is leased for agricultural purposes and has maintained an Agricultural Exemption for Ad Valorem tax purposes. (Click here for Tarrant Appraisal District Map)

General Comments: The property is located within the rapidly growing southwest quadrant of the City of Fort Worth. Due to the proposed routing of the Southwest Freeway and Risinger Road, the property has great development potential as a mixed use development. The subject is a multi-zoned property with a least 7 different zonings.

Floodplain: According to flood insurance rate maps, at most, a very small portion of the subject is inside the 100 year floodplain (panel 510, dated 8/95). (Click here for Floodplain Map)
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    Miscellaneous Information

The subject property is located on Old Granbury Road in southwest Fort Worth. The subject neighborhood can be described as a partially developed area in far Southwest Tarrant County. The boundaries of the subject neighborhood can be described as Dirks Road / Alta Mesa Boulevard to the north, Benbrook Lake to the west, Cleburne Road to the east, and F.M. 1187 to tile south. Portions of the neighborhood are inside the city limits of Fort Worth while the balance of the neighborhood is in unincorporated Tarrant County.

Access to the subject area is provided primarily by Old Granbury Road, which extends southwest of Fort Worth to the Johnson / Tarrant County Line. Columbus Trail, Hulen Street, Sycamore School Road, Risinger Road, and F.M. 1187 are all thoroughfares that provide travel to the subject area. Eventually, the Southwest Freeway will extend through the subject neighborhood, providing travel to central Fort Worth. Risinger Road will also be extended westward through the subject neighborhood.

The terrain of the subject neighborhood is level to gently sloping with scattered tree coverage. Public utilities are available in portions of the subject neighborhood via the city of Fort Worth. In addition, other public services, such as police and fire protection are available. The Crowley and Fort Worth Independent School Districts serve the subject neighborhood.

While there has not been any development activity immediately around the subject, it is important to note that there is a significant amount of single family residential development under way not far north of the subject. Several new residential subdivisions are under development on Columbus Trail. Also, two other new subdivisions have homes under construction on Dirks Road. Other residential development is under way or in the planning stages on Risinger Road east of tile subject, on South Hulen Street, and on Old Granbury Road between Alta Mesa and Columbus Trail. Over the past 5 to 7 years there have been many new subdivisions developed in southwest Fort Worth with these developments progressively extending further south. It is expected that this trend will continue, reaching the immediate area of the subject in the foreseeable future. In the process, additional roads will be extended through the area, increasing the accessibility to the subject property.

Contact: Steve LaForge
Ace Investments, Inc.
LaForge Properties LLC
2808 South 4th Street
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