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    Oaktree - Edmond, Oklahoma, 127 Acres

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    Property at a Glance

Site: Two tracts totaling 127 acres

  • Tract 1: 116.748 acres
  • Tract 2: 10.671 acres
Property Type: Multi-Use or Planned Unit Development

Property Address: Kelly at Sorghum Mill Road, Edmond, Oklahoma

Access: Kelly Avenue and Sorghum Mill Roads (both are four-lane)

Best Use: As indicated

Surrouding Property Use: Golf Course, Light Residential

    Location Maps

Contact: Steve LaForge
Ace Investments, Inc.
LaForge Properties LLC
2808 South 4th Street
Chickasha, OK 73018
    Miscellaneous Information
This property is 127 acres of land we have for sale just south of the Oak Tree Golf Courses.

Tract 1 is best suited for single family residential. Tract 2 is best suited for commerical or office use. A Planned Unit Development was approved by the City of Edmond in 1983, which included residential and office use. The approval has long since expired, but does indicate the suitability of the property for multi-use development.

The aerial photograph was taken during the 1986 PGA golf tournament when the property was used for overflow parking. The out-parcel on the northwest corner is owned by Oak Tree and will likely be developed into an upscale retail-office center someday. The grade school is part of the Edmond School District.

Kelly Avenue and Sorghum Mill Road have already been widened to four lanes. This adds considerable value to the property in that the City of Edmond would require the road to be widened to four lanes as a condition for approving any subdivision plat on the property.

A 12" waterline borders the property on both section 'Line roads, while an 8" sanitary sewer extends across the property between the grade school and Oak Tree. An 8" sanitary sewer line is also located along the north side of the property at the east end.

Should you have any questions regarding the property, please let us know and we will be more than willing to help in any way we can.